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We at Cleaning On a Click are an ISO 9001 : 2015-qualified company that offers cleaning solutions in Groningen, Haren, Utrecht and Amsterdam. In addition, we help cleaners to find work and we help households, restaurants, offices and bars to find individual cleaners and solutions with third parties.


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Facade Cleaning

A clean facade ensures that your customers enter your store or building with a good feeling. We call that a good start.

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Glass Washing

Nothing better than enjoying your view through a streak-free clean window thanks to our Osmoze water this is possible.

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Office Cleaning

Every morning upon arrival a tidy and clean office ensures productivity and positivity. Check out our latest offers from our specialised vendors.

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House Cleaning

We provide quality home cleaning services to our clients in Groningen, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Amsterdam. We have uniform prices for household cleaning. You select cleaners from our website or you seek our other cleaning services, our price will remain same. Every cleaner is equipped with industry standards and modern equipment. We only provide hygienic cleaners for home cleaning services.
Price 16 Euros per hour.

Restaurant Cleaning

We clean restaurants with our latest equipment. We analyze your vicinity and suggest cleaning according to your requirements. We have customized cleaning solutions for restaurants. We know that restaurants need special care in cleaning and hygiene standards. We also help our customers with kitchen arrangements and cleaning. For our regular customers, we provide free advice on shrinkage control. We also provide bio degradable straws and bio degradable garbage bags for our regular clients. We are moving towards eco friendly cleaning solutions for our regular clients in Groningen, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Amsterdam. Join hands with us to become an eco friendly restaurant.

*We have flat pricing for restaurants 22 Euros per hour (Terms and conditions apply) .

Bar Cleaning

Bar cleaning is challenging job since it requires a lot of effort to clean dirty places. We make sure that we maintain same quality standards at bars and pubs. We also have customized solutions for bars and pubs in Groningen, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Amsterdam.
We have flat pricing for bars: 25 Euros per hour.

Office Cleaning

We have dedicated team for office cleaning in Groningen, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Amsterdam. We understand that your office needs to be tidy and almost perfect with cleaning standards. We have eco friendly cleaning agents for your floors and sensitive areas. We have dedicated equipment for office cleaning. We meet you and then we provide you details about our cleaning process and equipment we use in your office.
Our pricing ranges from 25 Euros to 30 Euros per hour.

Sofa Cleaning

We have equipment and cleaning agents which will not only clean your sofa but also kills the germs. We understand that sofa cleaning is very important for hygiene in a home and office in Groningen, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Amsterdam. We have state of the art cleaning agents which remove all kinds of rusts and spots from your sofa and gives it a new look.
Price ranges from 20 to 50 Euros.

Carpet Cleaning

Pets can create a lot of problems with your carpets. You can encounter hygiene problems with your carpets. We have strong cleaning agents which will clean and keep it free from all kind of germs in Groningen, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Amsterdam.
Price ranges from 20 to 80 Euros (depending on size of the carpet).

Kitchen Arrangements

Having problem with arranging kitchen and closets? You have come to the right place. We have trained and dedicated staff for kitchen arrangement. Our staff will not only clean your kitchen but will also clean your cabinets and closets.
Price 20 Euros per hour.

Garden Cleaning

Having a messy garden? You have come to the right place. Now, we can clean and arrange your garden or backyard. Our staff will make sure that they follow your instructions and provide you services according to your wishes.
Price ranges from Euros 40 to 100.

Car Cleaning

Now you can call us and we will come to your doorstep to clean your vehicle. We provide both inside and outside cleaning in Groningen, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Amsterdam. Our modern equipment will consume least amount of water with best results. We also have latest equipment to clean your car from the inside. You want a regular cleaning service or you are looking to sale your car, get the best value by giving a new look to your car.
Price ranges from 15 Euros to 80 Euros.

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