Terms and Conditions

  1. Initial quotation is about the overall work related to specific sector.
  2. Number of hours will be decided once the quote is approved and company is willing to work with COAC.
  3. After quotation approval, COAC will have a meeting and decide about the number of hours required for a job. Once the hours are decided, there will be no change in the hours agreed. COAC team will work for one week and figure out the exact number of hours required for any job.
  4. For house cleaning, hours will be agreed before cleaning activity. Customer will have to pay according to the hours which he/she provided us for cleaning. There will be no change in hours once the cleaning job is finished.
  5. COAC reserves the right to disapprove quotation on disagreement of hours and working conditions.
  6. Once the number of hours are decided, quotation will be finally approved and signed by both parties
  7. There will be no addition in decided terms and condition for a specific period.
  8. After the prescribed period in quotation, companies can again sit and discuss future terms and conditions to work together.
  9. Once hours are decided, COAC will never ask for extra hours or extra money.
  10. Companies cannot ask COAC to do extra cleaning activities outside the signed contract.
  11. Upon referral of another clients, existing client with get 10% discount on complete package.
  12. Upon second referral from the same client, there will be 20% discount on complete package.
  13. Price of home cleaning will depend on cleaning frequency. Regular cleaning will have different price than cleaning on a month or so.
  14. Appointments will only be cancelled before 12 hours time. After 12 hours, client will be charged for the appointment and decided hours.
  15. Client can terminate the contract by giving one month notice. Company can also terminate the contract with one month notice.