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Founded in St. Louis, MO by Matt & Angela Ricketts, they wanted to make their home and the world around them a safer place for their children. They realized that many of the house cleaning products in their home were actually leaving a toxic film after they were done “cleaning’. Not only that, those same products created real risks to the health of their children, just by being in the house.

They sought out to create a green maid cleaning service that upheld their own ideals about what a safe home could and should be.

Availability: 10am - 7pm

Location: Plantage Kerklaan 49-37, 1018 CV Amsterdam, Netherlands


Car Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Kitchen Arrangements

House Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning

Office Cleaning

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Facade Cleaning

A clean facade ensures that your customers enter your store or building with a good feeling. We call that a good start.

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Glass Wash

Nothing better than enjoying your view through a streak-free clean window thanks to our Osmoze water this is possible.

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Office Cleaning

Every morning upon arrival a tidy, tidy and clean office for us a small effort for you a great convenience

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